Web development jobs series : chapter 2

this is part of web development jobs ready series .

Our next topic is Table


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How to create Table –

table is divided into 2 part : head <thead> </thead> and body <tbody> </tbody>. Inside that we need to create row with <tr> </tr>

Syntax is as below:




<th> </th>






<td> </td>





th :  is head data

td: body data

where to use: where we have so many data we need table data like company report etc.

form tag – <form> </form>

lets take example of contact form . we want collect user name and message. So this purpose we need form with input tag. Basically we are collection data from user using input tag <inpu type=’text’>.

Input tag divided into different type.

Input type=’text’    <input type=’text’> – user can input text data (string).





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