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Normal Elements Normal Elements require a start tag and end tag.

Eg. <p> </p>

Void Elements Eg. <img> , <br> , <hr>,
Tag name defination
aside To show sidebar
Heading <h1> </h1> to <h6> </h6>
paragraph <p> </p>
div It is a container used for division of content in page.
span It is a container used to span with existing content.
article It is a container used to define content, which is relative to the current website and which summarizes the topics.
header It defines the content to display at the top margin of page.
footer It defines the content to display at the bottom margin of page.
section It defines the content between header and footer.
main It defines the main content in section.
nav It defines the navigation area.
menu It defines the items used for navigation.
ol <ol>

<li> item 1</li>


Ordered list with number series

ul <ul>

<li> home </li>


Unordered list

img For image  <img src=’image1.jpg’ alt=’image1’>
table <table>


<tr>  <th> </th>   </tr>


<tbody>   </tbody>


To show large content

Anchor tag <a href=’www.google.com’> google link </a>
form <form>



input <input type=’text’ name=’textName’ value=’testName’ placeholder=’enter name’   >

Type=’text’ – for text

Type=’radio’ –for radio entry

Type=’checkbox’ – for checkbox entry

Type=’file’ – upload file

Name – reference name

Value= default name

Placeholder – show message for enter data

Label <label> email </label>

Eg. Label text for email input



<button onclick={functionHandle()}> </button>
select <select>

<option value=’1’> 1   </option>


-for dropdown

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